For me SM means having the power to go through the limits in a safe and consensual scenario, the possibility to reach a deep level of communication and impact and leave impressions that could be remembered for a long time.


I like also the feeling that in this special “space” we can do things that otherwise would be forbidden, breaking rules, or create new ones.


As you probably already found out, beside my apparent sweetness and understanding, I am a Sadist, I am satisfied only if my victim is screaming and if I have an impact on the body that may leave a memory. I want to go deep, I want to leave a sign.

Obedience, devotion, punishments, tortures, are all part of the game. Choose your favorites.

gas mask



SM for me is also a good role game to play, to be someone else that in daily life would be hard to be or just to reveal sides of our human nature and to be in contact with our intimate instincts.