To book a session you can call me at the phone or you can write me an e-mail with a brief introduction about you.

I’d like to know in advance what kind of session you are looking for,  so we can discuss about it together and find the best way to satisfy your desires.

My personal e-mail address is:

Here’s my personal phone number: 0151-75963409

The best moment to call me is in the afternoon-evening, I take calls until 22:00 only.

Find me on FetLife: MadameX-Berlin

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You can either contact Studio Lux:


Phone Number: +49 30 755 10 222

If you want to come spontaneously for an appointment with me here you find the Studio Lux Calendar, you can consult it to find out when you can find me there (but call me anyway short before):


I do not answer to unknowns numbers and no SMS at all. Whatsapp is tolerated but just for short communications and introductions, I am not up for chatting or sending you my pictures.

Don’t send me any pictures of your cocks unless I am the one who’s asking for them, I will never answer to a message like that.

Beside this feel free to contact me for more informations about sessions and prices, I will be happy to share some nice time with you.