Erotic Domination – Dominant Massage Therapist – Head Mistress of the Fantasy Department

Lust, Passion, Fantasy, an entire world about sexuality to discover together.

It can be a deep erotic trip where our bodies touch each other, where our breathe becomes a unison, where we melt into a unique wave of pleasure.


It can be a role play scenario where we act like characters born in our fantasies, where we dress up with beautiful, particular or weird clothes to be someone else.


It can be a journey into Dominance and submission, where the SM is the protagonist and I will let you explore your limits through pain and suffering, obedience, devotion.


It can be whatever you see in my eyes, wherever they lead you I will be there.


-Very important: I am a Bizarrlady and I don’t play completely submissive roles, it means that no, you cannot blindfold me, you can’t tie me, you can’t inflict me pain or tortures, but you can touch my body, enjoy my sexuality and share sexual pleasure with me.-

I speak Italian as a native language, English as a second one and a basic German.

I will be happy to receive your calls for appointments, reach me via phone or mail:




I’m a sexual explorer, read the manifesto at: