Erotic Domination – Dominant Massage Therapist – Head Mistress of the Fantasy Department

Enter with me in a world of passion and lust, let me guide you in a deep experience where nothing will be like it was before anymore.

I do Bondage, impact play with paddles and floggers, sensual touch and Kinky Shiatsu, my hands know where to go when I touch someone, it can be for a deep massage or to explore more about sexuality. I can train your discipline or humiliate you, or use you as a toilette, or torture you as only a sadist could do. Explore your limits.

What I absolutely don’t do is clinic play, blood and needles and all the other things around it are not my cup of tea.

If you have your own fantasy we’ll make it happen together, I love costumes and acting and create different scenarios where we can dig into another world and forget about what’s outside the door.

I do not absolutely accept a session with people under alcohol or drugs effects, beside that every gender and body shape is welcome, as long as people with disability, don’t be ashamed.

Or yes, just depends on which kind of game you want to play!

I speak Italian as a native language and English.


Picture by Kristina Weiden©

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