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VENUS Berlin 2019 with Joan Belle – Pics by PierreW

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“Portraits” Photos by Thomas Brucher©

“Kinbaku Dream” a live performance for VENUS Berlin 2019 with Joan Belle Photos by Photo set by Christian Nitzsche

“Ropes” Photos by Thomas Brucher©

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Welcome to my website, I am Madame X

Madame X at VENUS Berlin 2019

Very experienced bodyworker, Professional Shiatsu Masseur, Kinbakushi, writer, performer, kinky and lustful director of your perverted dreams.

I offer a large range of possibilities, from sessions of severe Domination and Education to a more soft and erotic scenario where I can be close to you and your desires, welcoming you to a delicious  moment of pleasure.

Or everything that is in between, with role play, foot fetish, worshipping, dirty games and practices like Facesitting, CBT, Anal play, Tease and Denial, Water Sports, nipples tortures, use of toys, all oriented to let you have a deep journey between pain and pleasure.

Or only between different edges of pleasure.

Or pain.

I also offer sessions of special massages where I combine  my knowledge about Shiatsu with its erotic interpretation, where some special treatments can raise up the sexual energy and transform it.

But it is not all, my big love are ropes.

Ropes are special for me, I come from the world of Kinbaku, it has been the door from which I entered the world of BDSM and I love to bring it to my sessions.

The unique way of suffering and enjoying being tied up in ropes can bring you to a real state of ecstasy that won’t be forgotten so early.

I use to combine them with tease and denial, or with flogging, or canes, or something more soft like cuddle and care, because ropes give the possibility to give up control and let someone else take care of your state.

I am available to reach you in Hotel rooms, SM apartments, or to play in public in a Club to satisfy your desires for exhibitionism. Or for the ones who can’t reach me in Berlin I offer phone and/or chat sessions.Ask me more about it.

Phone: 0151-75963409

Mail: madamex240@gmail.com

Find me on:

FetLife: https://fetlife.com/users/5739914

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/xanaberlinx/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BerlinMadamex

I recommend this Book: BDSM – A guide for explorers of extreme eroticism written by Ayzad