I will do a live performance at KitKat for the “Tag der Clubkultur” – Gegen space – in the Basement – 3.10.2020 from 14:00.

This is not a dance event but an art exhibition event open for a restricted number of people.

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I will be at the IKSK (Institut für Körperforschug und sexuelle Kultur) for the Grand Opening with a session of Q&A and a live performance of Bondage. 9-11 October.

In the same place I will give workshops about various themes around BDSM and bodywork in the next months. Stay tuned.

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Sessions in Studio are possible again. Please contact me for terms and conditions

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The difference between a Domina and a Bizarre Lady – by Lady Velvet Steel

“Germany is well known for its openness towards sex of all kinds, it is one of the few countries that legalized selling a sexual service and at least tries to protect the rights of sexworkers (I will not be getting into a political debate here, promise!).

The foreign BDSM lover, especially those from the Anglo-American area are often baffled by the choice they have here as clients. You can meet professional subs, maids, dominas, bizarrladies, fetishqueens, playpartners, tantradominas and so forth. SM is a playful and very diverse activity that is interpreted differently by those engaging in it, so a huge variety of professional service providers is a plus, right? […]



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Do you like Bondage and the vintage taste of the Polaroid photos?

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